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Escape, 2019


  1. Dancing in the Kitchen (Steve Wickham)
  2. Jimmy Mackey’s (Ray Coen)
  3. Waltz for Carole (Eddie Lee)
  4. Swedish Polka(Oleg Ponomarev)
  5. Midnight in Siena (Martin Tourish)
  6. Keep her Lit/No. 35/Let’s Get Married (Steve Wickham/Anna Houston-Ray Coen/Steve Wickham)
  7. Pascal (Steve Wickham)
  8. Lament for Pearl/Dunford’s Fancy/The Mouth of the Shannon (Steve Wickham)
  9. Will Ye Go to Flanders? (Trad. Arr. NoCrows)
  10. Elephants Hopping Around (Felip Carbonell)
  11. Crows Hora (Oleg Ponomarev)
  12. One Train Away (Drazen Derek/Martin Tourish)
  13. Little Diamond/The Strathnairn/The Munster Bank (Trad/Stephen Cooney/Trad)


Why Us?, 2016

Why UsTRACK LIST – Click on the CD cover on right to listen to samples


  1. Serpent’s Head/The Broken Pledge (S Wickham/trad arr NoCrows)
  2. Metal Man (E Lee/D Lyttle)
  3. Three Sisters (O Ponomarev)
  4. Señora (R Coen)
  5. Can We Borrow The Cat? (F Carbonell)
  6. Canço de Febrer (G Colom/F Carbonell)
  7. The Monk’s Head/The Sugarloaf (A Houston)
  8. Written in Sand (E Lee)
  9. Shine On(R Coen)
  10. Sleeping Giant/Leaping Giant (R Coen/NoCrows)
  11. Why Us? (F Carbonell)
  12. A Kriek, a Croque and a Kwak, Quick! (A Houston)
  13. The Other Side (S Wickham)

Waiting for the Tide, 2014


  1.  The Pendulum (Waiting for the Tide) (Felip Carbonell)
  2. Save the Corncrake (Steve Wickham/Anna Houston)
  3. (Blame it on the) Good times (Ray Coen
  4. The Cosy Eye (Eddie Lee)
  5. Fintan Waltz (Oleg Ponomarev)
  6. Solvay (Trad arr NoCrows)
  7. Heyka (Oleg Ponomarev)
  8. Rainbow over Sligo (Steve Wickham/Nigel Stonier)
  9. Fandango for Penny (Eddie Lee/Felip Carbonell)
  10. La Dama de Mallorca (Trad arr NoCrows)
  11. The Coney Island Shuffle (Ray Coen/Oleg Ponomarev)
  12. Hey Joe (Billy Roberts)


On The Moon, 2010

  1. Cormac’s Fancy (Anna Houston)
  2. Smelka (Oleg Ponomarev)
  3. October Snow (Anna Houston)
  4. Troy (Eddie Lee)
  5. Marianne’s Demise (Collette Sheerin)
  6. Jota des Bellveure (Traditional, arr. NoCrows)
  7. Music (For a Film) (Radiohead)
  8. L’Appel de la Lune (SteveWickham)
  9. Magician (Steve Wickham)
  10. Dolmen Dance (Eddie Lee)
  11. Hungarian Wedding Dances
  12. Charlie Parker’s Trip to Doolin (Steve Wickham)
  13. Crows Hora (Oleg Ponomarev)
  14. Packie Bell (Johann Pachelbel)

Guest Musicians:

  • Oleg Ponomarev fiddle  on Smelka, Troy, Hungarian Wedding Dances, Charlie Parker’s Trip to Doolin & Crows Hora
  • Miquela Lladó vocals on Jota des Bellveure
  • Miquel Barceló fabiol, & guitarró on Jota des Bellveure
  • Haig Yazdjian oud on Troy
  • Vangelis Karipis percussion on Troy
  • Sharon Shannon accordion on The Magician
  • Collette Sheerin flute & tin whistle on Marianne’s Demise
  • Kieran Quinn piano on Pascal
  • Ken ‘Tonto’ McDonald drums on Pascal
  • Bruno ‘Cali’ Caliciuri vocals on Pascal
  • Darragh Houston piano on Cormac’s Fancy
  • Mike Scott soundscape alchemy on Cormac’s Fancy & Troy
  • Doimnic McGiolla Bhride uileann pipes on Cormac’s Fancy
  • Junior Davey bodhran & bones on Cormac’s Fancy & October Snow
  • Aminah Hughes vocals on Exit Music (For a Film)
  • Karin Widmer bouzouki  on October Snow
  • David Lyttle drums & percussion on Marianne’s Demise, Dolmen Dance & Hungarian Wedding Dances & Charlie Parker’s Trip to Doolin
  • Aidan O Donnell (Fidil), fiddle on October Snow
  • Cíarán Ó Maonaigh (Fidil), fiddle on October Snow
  • Damien McGeehan (Fidil), fiddle on October Snow

This album is dedicated to the memory of Anna’s dad, Fritz Widmer


Magpie, 2008

  1. Crowswing (Steve Wickham) – 3.21
  2. Claudia (Cathy Jordan) – 2.51
  3. Des de Mallorca a l’Alguer (trad.) – 2.29
  4. Sa Sibil·la (trad.) – 1.45
  5. Hijo de la Luna (Jose Maria Cano) – 3.47
  6. The Hot Bulgar (trad.) – 3.21
  7. Two Black Russians and a Pernod (Declan Corey/ trad.) – 4.43
  8. Mimi’s Chorinho (Eddie Lee) – 2.51
  9. La Partida (trad.) – 3.39
  10. Five 2 Six – El Trencaclosques ( Felip Carbonell ) – 3.24
  11. Rags for the Craic (trad. / Anna Houston)- 3.02
  12. Chiquilín de Bachín (Astor Piazzolla) – 4.02
  13. Magpie (Anna Houston) – 3.25
  14. Ai Mu Mare ( Felip Carbonell ) – 5.18

Guest Musicians:

  • Brian Fleming: bodhrán, bones & percussion
  • Peter Crann: percussion
  • Steve Hanks: clarinet & saxophone
  • Oleg Ponomarev: fiddle
  • Miquel Barceló: fabiol, tamborino & guitarró


Live at The Strand, 2006


  1. Fado (Steve Wickham/Trad) – 4.13
  2. Corridinho Set (Trad/Liz Carrol/Simon Jeffes) – 4.57
  3. Szhôck (Trad) – 4.56
  4. Sweet Georgia Brown (Maceo Pinkard & Ben Bernie) – 3.38
  5. Finnish Waltz (Trad) – 4.47
  6. Rock the Gondola (Anna Houston) – 3.13
  7. Flatbush Set (Trad) – 3.56
  8. Russian Rumba (David Beyglman/Miagavar)– 4.47
  9. The Godfather (Nino Rotta/Trad) – 5.03
  10. Cinema Paradiso (Ennio Morricone) – 3.39
  11. Finn’s Waltz (Felip Carbonell) – 5.16


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