Beatles revisited

Nothing to do with the Liverpool guys’ music, but with the way they were received by their audiences of teenagers…that’s the way we felt a few days ago in Sligo when we played a stormer of a gig for 700 teenagers girls in the Ursuline College. Gosh, they know how to scream…The Beatles at the Hollywood Bowl in 1964, revisited. It was -obviously- a private function for them and also a surprise. Their teachers managed to keep the secret on what was happening. They knew ‘something’ was going on but didn’t know what. Eventually, a few minutes before us going on stage they were told it was not Westlife, or The Beatles…it was NoCrows. Well, it made not a bit of difference: the screaming session started as if we were indeed John, Paul, George and Ringo. This one will be remembered for a long time. Thanks girls for such a warm welcome to your school. I hope it was better than 2 hours of maths.


(Check our Facebook. There might be some videos of it soon)

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