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It was about time we had another bit of video footage to show you, guys. So, these ones were done in Sligo on Feb 20th by the good people of Recorded totally acoustic in a small caravan, with an amazing sound all things considered. Eddie and his double bass had some problems fitting under the low ceiling. Great fun to watch.

Click here to watch the first one on YouTube (Steve Wickham’s Crowswing) and here to watch the second one (Declan Corey’s Two Black Russians & A Pernod)

Still far away from finishing the new album, but you’ll all be happy when it’s out. It will be a cracker.

This month of March we have a couple of private functions, one of them with our beloved friend Oleg as Steve is very busy with The Waterboys new show, An Appointment with Mr. Yeats. From here we want to wish Steve, Mike and the rest of the band the best of luck with the shows.

Finally, letting you know we’re really looking forward to our trips to Belgium and Spain in May and hope to meet some of you guys over there.

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