Concert in Belfast opening for Sharon Shannon

We have been ask to open the show for Sharon Shannon at the Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival in Belfast on Fri 30th April. We’re only delighted to do so and looking forward to our first performance in Belfast. Furthermore considering we’re planning to have Sharon as one of our guests in our new album, currently being recorded. For once, we are taking things easy with this our third album and though initially we have thought we would have it nearly ready by now, we slowed down a bit for personal reasons. It will be after the summer when we bring it out.

The show at the Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival ( will be a great opportunity for NoCrows to perform in front of the Belfast audiences for the first time with the hope it will be the first of many. The band will be playing mostly the repertoire of the new album and also hope to have a few guests on the night. It might be one of the few proper gigs we will be playing in Ireland before September, so, come and join us. The week after we’re off to Belgium and then to Spain. Busy month of May…

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