Coney Island

NoCrows Feb 2014 008Last year we made two trips to Coney Island. Its near Sligo. But when you are there and the tide is in, you might as well be a thousand miles away. There is something about being out there, surrounded by the sea and a few thousand rabbits, making music. It is where David Lyttle and I co-wrote The Barinthus Suite, which was my first commissioned piece of music. It was inspired by Sligo, the sea and the megalithic landscape of this place, and premiered during Sligo Jazz Festival last year. The house we worked in is owned by two artists and is full of beautiful paintings, and amazing views in all directions: Rosses Point, Oyster Island, the Metal Man. Same house, different band, NoCrows, and we have a new CD to show for it. And two new members of the band, Ray and Oleg. Its a bigger sound and we have more vocals. the music is varied as ever but – I think – with a really coherent sound keeping the vibe throughout – anyway we believe this music should be heard and I think some radio people believe the same as I think its starting to grab some airplay even though the release date is a couple of weeks off. Oh and its called Waiting for the Tide. Hope you like it. Might see you at one of the gigs.

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