Off to Switzerland, Thank you Sitges Live & Martin Tourish Abú!

What a week its been… we had our full six piece line up in Sitges Live Festival, Catalunya, with Steve taking a sabbatical from the Waterboys world tour to join us for a few days in the sun. We played lots of outdoor gigs in various formats and combinations. So many mazing musicians were around and featured in the many informal sessions during the weekend, including John Seahan of the Dubliners, David Lombardi,James mahon, Mossie Martin, Tim Doyle, Brian Fleming, Cormac De Barra and loads more. Anna, Felip and Eddie were in Martin Tourish’s “Canso Nova” band on Saturday performing his arrangements of Catalan tunes. Felip did a solo set joined by his daughter Maria, our Anna and Eddie & guitarist Will Ryan, as well as a set with his daughters appropriately titled The Carbonell Sisters. As the Sitges Live Festival Band we finished the festival with a NoCrows set featuring the artist in residence Martin Tourish, the Catalunya launch of our Escape CD! It was a lovely way to finish the weekend, though it wasn’t quite finished with many sessions happening around the lovely seaside town later on. Always a joy to play with the amazing Martin Tourish, we couldn’t be more delighted to announce that he will also join us for some of our Swiss tour this weekend and next week. Promo Pic Martin Tourish

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