This Saturday – we are honoured to be the first artists as SEAC goes LIVE!!
A Joint venture with Windmill Lane Recording Studios, SEAC Live is a series of live music concerts of folk, traditional and contemporary Irish music presented by the Séamus Ennis Arts Centre.
Streamed from Studio 1 in the iconic Windmill Lane Recording Studios in Dublin’s Docklands.
These streams can be viewed on smart TVs or mobile devices and will be interactive: audience members can sign up to participate through Zoom and will be projected on to the walls of the studio during the performance. Fans can chat with the performers, submit requests and have a front row seat for a great night’s music and entertainment.
Some special guests may also be dropping in!
Here’s the line up so far:
Saturday, July 11th @ 8:30pm (GMT+1)
No Crows
Admission: €4.99
Viewers can tune into SEAC Live from all over the world to watch these amazing performers. They will bring the incredible musical culture of Ireland to homes around the world and will appeal on an international level to the Irish diaspora and to the Irish abroad who are yearning for their Irish culture and heritage.
Musicians are always the first to step up, giving their time and talent to support a good cause so now is the time to return the favour. Buy a ticket and show them your appreciation!
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