ANNOUNCING Swiss and Germany tour for Oct-Nov 2021

Yes, we’re back on the road.

All going well, we will be visiting our friends in Switzerland and Germany in Oct-Nov 2021. See details below or on the GIGS section of this website

Thu 28th Oct, 20h

Venue: Zehntscheuer,

Address: Grüner-Turm-Str. 30,

88212 Ravensburg, Germany

Tickets: €22


Fri 29th Oct, 20.30h


Ferrachstrasse 72,

8630 Rüti, Switzerland

Tickets: SFr 35/30


Sat 30th Oct, 20h

Venue: Atelier Hinterrueti

Addres: Hinterruetistr.16,

8810 Horgen, Switzerland

Tickets: SFr 35


Sun 31st Oct, 19h

Venue: Schloss Laupen

Address: Rittersaal, Schloss

3177 Laupen, Switzerland

Tickets: SFr 25


Mon 1st Nov, 20h

Venue: La Capella

Address: Allmendstr.24,

3014 Bern, Switzerland

Tickets: SFr 35


Fri 5th Nov, 20.15h

Venue: Kellerbistro Huttwil

Address: Soneggstr.60,

4950 Huttwil, Switzerland

Tickets: SFr 30


Sat 6th Nov, 20.30h

Venue: Alti Moschti

Address: Moosstr.1,

3127 Muehlethurnen, Switzerland

Tickets: SFr 38


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