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Why Us?

Why Us? 2016

Why Us? 2016


TRACK LIST – Click on the CD cover on right to listen to samples

  1. Serpent’s Head/The Broken Pledge (S Wickham/trad arr NoCrows)
  2. Metal Man (E Lee/D Lyttle)
  3. Three Sisters (O Ponomarev)
  4. Señora (R Coen)
  5. Can We Borrow The Cat? (F Carbonell)
  6. Canço de Febrer (G Colom/F Carbonell)
  7. The Monk’s Head/The Sugarloaf (A Houston)
  8. Written in Sand (E Lee)
  9. Shine On(R Coen)
  10. Sleeping Giant/Leaping Giant (R Coen/NoCrows)
  11. Why Us? (F Carbonell)
  12. A Kriek, a Croque and a Kwak, Quick! (A Houston)
  13. The Other Side (S Wickham)

Waiting for the Tide


  1.  The Pendulum (Waiting for the Tide) (Felip Carbonell)

    Waiting for the Tide, 2014

    Waiting for the Tide, 2014

  2. Save the Corncrake (Steve Wickham/Anna Houston)
  3. (Blame it on the) Good times (Ray Coen
  4. The Cosy Eye (Eddie Lee)
  5. Fintan Waltz (Oleg Ponomarev)
  6. Solvay (Trad arr NoCrows)
  7. Heyka (Oleg Ponomarev)
  8. Rainbow over Sligo (Steve Wickham/Nigel Stonier)
  9. Fandango for Penny (Eddie Lee/Felip Carbonell)
  10. La Dama de Mallorca (Trad arr NoCrows)
  11. The Coney Island Shuffle (Ray Coen/Oleg Ponomarev)
  12. Hey Joe (Billy Roberts)

On The Moon

  1. Cormac’s Fancy (Anna Houston)cover-low-res-jpeg
  2. Smelka (Oleg Ponomarev)
  3. October Snow (Anna Houston)
  4. Troy (Eddie Lee)
  5. Marianne’s Demise (Collette Sheerin)
  6. Jota des Bellveure (Traditional, arr. NoCrows)
  7. Music (For a Film) (Radiohead)
  8. L’Appel de la Lune (SteveWickham)
  9. Magician (Steve Wickham)
  10. Dolmen Dance (Eddie Lee)
  11. Hungarian Wedding Dances
  12. Charlie Parker’s Trip to Doolin (Steve Wickham)
  13. Crows Hora (Oleg Ponomarev)
  14. Packie Bell (Johann Pachelbel)

Guest Musicians:

Oleg Ponomarev fiddle: “The fifth Crow”, who has
been touring regularly with the group, contributed so
much to this CD with his great compositions, Crows
Hora and Smelka and fine performances on violin
Miquela Lladó vocals, Mallorcan percussion
(courtesy of Produccions Blau): Arguably the queen
of Mallorcan folk, Miquela adds her powerful voice
and some suitably authentic percussion to Jota des
Miquel Barceló fabiol, & guitarro: our Galway-based
Mallorcan friend, who also guested on the Magpie
album, adds another authentic Mallorcan touch to
Jota des Bellveure.
Haig Yazdjian oud and Vangelis Karipis percussion:
We met these Athens based musicians at their fantastic
concert in Sligo in 2009. Eddie and Felip jammed with
Haig’s trio on the following evening, an experience
which inspired Eddie in his composition Troy.
Sharon Shannon accordion (courtesy of Daisy
Records): One of Ireland’s greatest musicians, Sharon has
been a friend to NoCrows for many years. Here she
adds extra magic to Steve’s The Magician.
Collette Sheerin flute & tin whistle: Our good friend
from the Sligo pub sessions, gives a fine performance on
her hauntingly beautiful composition Marianne’s
Kieran Quinn piano and Ken ‘Tonto’
drums: Eddie and the other members of his
trio The Odd Couple added the necessary Parisian feel
to Steve’s song Pascal (L’Appel de la Lune).
Bruno ‘Cali’ Caliciuri vocals (courtesy of Virgin Music)
brings his wonderful voice to Steve’s song Pascal.
Along with his wife Caroline Chevreux, Bruno
translated the song into French, thus the new title
L’Appel de la Lune.
Mike Scott soundscape alchemy: Steve’s colleague from
The Waterboys, adds some magical studio treatments to
Eddie’s Troy and Anna’s Cormac’s Fancy.
Darragh Houston piano: Our youngest guest, Anna’s
son Darragh, makes his recording debut on Cormac’s
Doimnic McGiolla Bhride uileann pipes: Anna’s
recent work in Gweedore has led to collaborations with
several Donegal musicians including multiinstrumentalist
and singer Doimnic.
Junior Davey bodhran: A Sligo traditional music
legend, Junior adds his mastery to Cormac’s Fancy
and the October Snow set.
Aminah Hughes vocals: Australian singer-songwriter
Aminah has been a regular Sligo visitor of late. Her
choral effects lend our version of Radiohead’s Exit
Music (For a Film) the right touch of class.
Karin Widmer Bouzouki: Anna’s sister, another near
member of NoCrows who has appeared with us
numerous times, helps us spice things up in the
October Snow set.
Fidil fiddles: Anna’s Donegal connection, once again.
We just couldn’t resist bringing this exuberant fiddle
trio to add their gusto to Steve’s Bingo Byrne’s and
Dancing at the Crossroads.
Fidil are:
Aidan O Donnell fiddle
Cíarán Ó Maonaigh fiddle
Damien McGeehan fiddle
David Lyttle drums & percussion:This wonderful jazz
drummer from Co.Armagh appears on a number of
tracks using his hands, sticks, kit, percussion and even a
skull or two.

Thank you to:
Heidi Wickham for her wonderful cover art
Urs Lanz our brother, for his energy, patience & loyalty
Oleg Ponomarev for his friendship and inspiration
Karin Widmer for all the help at home and abroad
Christina Widmer for her love and her lovely double bass
Brian McDonagh, Dervish and all at Whirling Discs for taking us under their wing
Ray Coen, Collette Sheerin, Seamie O’Dowd, Cathy Jordan, Peter Crann, Eric Marini and Kieran Quinn for sharing their music with us
John The Map, Ciaran Houston and Ray Duffy for keeping us all on the right road
Fabienne Delecluyse & Rik Dedene and all in Crowsnest, Belgium for keeping their faith in us
Bingo, John and Johnston in The Strand Bar and to Uisce and the lads in Shoot the Crows for their support through the years
Rev. Patrick Bamber at Calry Church for his hospitality
Miquel Barceló for the great masks
Mike Scott for his witty interjections and the album title
All the wonderful musicians whose creative contributions have made this project so enjoyable

Very special thanks to:
Heidi, Rose, Therese, Ciaran, Mimi, Liam, Penny, Deia, Maria,Tom,Amy,
Daisy, Darragh and Cillian for their love and support

This album is dedicated to the memory of Anna’s dad, Fritz Widmer

Produced by NoCrows
All tracks arranged by NoCrows.
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Urs Lanz @, in Sligo, Ireland and Bern, Switzerland.
Miquela recorded by Toni Pastor in Swing Media, Mallorca, Spain
Haig & Vangelis recorded by Sotoris Papadopoulos in Stentor Studio, Athens, Greece
Packie Bell recorded by Urs in Calry Church, Sligo
Sharon recorded by Urs in her kitchen in Galway
Doimnic recorded by Anna in Stiúideo MG, Gaoth Dobhair
Photos by Miquel Barceló, Christoph Obrecht, Lieve Boussauw & Eddie Lee
Front cover by Heidi Wickham
Design by Daragh Stewart with Heidi and Steve


MAGPIE, released 2008, Crow Records/Whirling Discs WHRL 012

  1. Crowswing (Steve Wickham) – 3.21
  2. Claudia (Cathy Jordan) – 2.51
  3. Des de Mallorca a l’Alguer (trad.) – 2.29
  4. Sa Sibil·la (trad.) – 1.45
  5. Hijo de la Luna (Jose Maria Cano) – 3.47
  6. The Hot Bulgar (trad.) – 3.21
  7. Two Black Russians and a Pernod (Declan Corey/ trad.) – 4.43
  8. Mimi’s Chorinho (Eddie Lee) – 2.51
  9. La Partida (trad.) – 3.39
  10. Five 2 Six – El Trencaclosques ( Felip Carbonell ) – 3.24
  11. Rags for the Craic (trad. / Anna Houston)- 3.02
  12. Chiquilín de Bachín (Astor Piazzolla) – 4.02
  13. Magpie (Anna Houston) – 3.25
  14. Ai Mu Mare ( Felip Carbonell ) – 5.18

Guest Musicians:

  • Brian Fleming: bodhrán, bones & percussion
  • Peter Crann: percussion
  • Steve Hanks: clarinet & saxophone
  • Oleg Ponomarev: fiddle
  • Miquel Barceló: fabiol, tamborino & guitarró

Produced by NoCrows
All tracks traditional, arranged by NoCrows , except where the composer is named.
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Urs Lanz @
Photos by Colin Gillen/
Front cover by Heidi Wickham
Artwork by Daragh Stewart – Red Eye Design


released 2006, Crow Records/Whirling Discs WHRL 010


  1. Fado (Steve Wickham/Trad) – 4.13
  2. Corridinho Set (Trad/Liz Carrol/Simon Jeffes) – 4.57
  3. Szhôck (Trad) – 4.56
  4. Sweet Georgia Brown (Maceo Pinkard & Ben Bernie) – 3.38
  5. Finnish Waltz (Trad) – 4.47
  6. Rock the Gondola (Anna Houston) – 3.13
  7. Flatbush Set (Trad) – 3.56
  8. Russian Rumba (David Beyglman/Miagavar)– 4.47
  9. The Godfather (Nino Rotta/Trad) – 5.03
  10. Cinema Paradiso (Ennio Morricone) – 3.39
  11. Finn’s Waltz (Felip Carbonell) – 5.16

© Copyright NoCrows 2006

Produced by NoCrows
All titles traditional, arranged by nocrows, except when composer is noted
Recorded live, September 2006, in The Strand Bar Strandhill, Co. Sligo, Eire
Recorded, mixed & mastered by Urs Lanz,
Photo by Therese O’Loughlin
Illustrations by Karin Widmer
Artwork by

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