is what we decided to call the 6th CD. We recorded it live with special guests Martin Tourish and Lisa Lambe in Carrick on Shannon April 2019 and its now available worldwide.  The Irish Times and Hot PRess and Irish Music Magazine all gave it rave reviews. We hope you enjoy it too!
Escape 2019

Escape 2019

WHY US?cropped-coverwhyus-VERY-SMALL.jpg

That’s the name of the new CD. We had a lot of fun making this record and are very excited to have you all hear it. We plan a lot of gigs to give us a chance to play all the songs from it and hope to see you all along the way. Ireland, Belgium, Switzerland and maybe Germany and Austria too. More news soon… see the latest press release for more info on it.

NoCrows Feb 2014 008
13 May 2014: It been a long time since we blogged – we almost forgot we had this page! Sorry for the absence. Last year we made two trips to Coney Island. Its near Sligo. But when you are there and the tide is in, you might as well be a thousand miles away. There is something about being out there, surrounded by the sea and a few thousand rabbits, making music. It is where David Lyttle and I co-wrote The Barinthus Suite, which was my first commissioned piece of music. It was inspired by Sligo, the sea and the megalithic landscape of this place, and premiered during Sligo Jazz Festival last year. The house we worked in is owned by two artists and is full of beautiful paintings, and amazing views in all directions: Rosses Point, Oyster Island, the Metal Man. Same house, different band, NoCrows, and we have a new CD to show for it. And two new members of the band, Ray and Oleg. Its a bigger sound and we have more vocals. the music is varied as ever but – I think – with a really coherent sound keeping the vibe throughout – anyway we believe this music should be heard and I think some radio people believe the same as I think its starting to grab some airplay even though the release date is a couple of weeks off. Oh and its called Waiting for the Tide. Hope you like it.


Before No Crows go into hibernation though there’s still a bit of activity: A trip to Germany and Belgium (once again), where I believe NO CROWS are advertised in blazing letters in train stations all around the country! What do innocent commuters make of this? Have the Belgian government passed a new law whereby our black feathered friends with the ugly voices are banned from train stations?
In the meantime NoCrows fly a bit lower to the ground in their home country, without any blazing letters at train stations (not that many people would see them here for the lack of trains…) and are set to play THE CRANE in Galway next Wed, 23rd and then head to Cobh and Clonakilty on Sat/Sun.
To beat the boredom 3 Crows (i.e. nearly the whole band) last weekend joined a gang of weirdos in strange attire, who not only use scary children’s stories from the 19th century as the subject of their songs, but also produce knives and saws in front of the unsuspecting public (purely for musical purposes, of course, but try to explain that to an airport official when they go on tour…). Anyway, have a look for yourself, what I’m talking about is The Vendetta Orchestra ( who shocked audiences in rural south Sligo and the city itself. Look out for them to appear in a barn/cave/cinema/festival or even theatre near you.
Look out also for Eddie’s Jazzy band The Odd Couple ( who should be releasing their new CD any minute now, I would say, with all the hard work they’ve done on it.
Sorry, gotta go, the cat’s playing up.
Probably not making much sense anyway…. sorry, this is Anna’s first, (hopefully not last) blog.

Hi guys, Monday 5th October ’09. Felip here this time, new to this world of blogging. Just a couple of days before our first trip to Germany and really looking forward to it. We’re playing at the party of the opening night of a dance festival in Saarbruecken, the very south of the country, very close to the border with France, land of lovely white wines. We hope to make them dance even without the white wine.

We’ll follow that with a short trip to Brussels where we’ll be guest to one of the most popular morning shows in Belgian airways…’En nu serieus’…meaning, ‘Now seriously’. Very serious is the fact that this Crow writing this (Felip, I repeat) likes mornings as much as a kick in the backside, and these really civilized people who live in the political capital of Europe, when they mean ‘morning’ they mean ‘really early morning’. We’ve to be at the radio station (National Radio by the way, at 7 am for soundcheck. The only sound I normally make at 7 am is my powerful snoring, so we’ll have some craic with me trying to find strings on my guitar…will I find the guitar even so early?

Anyway, after playing to an estimate audience of 1 million early morning Belgians, this Crow will go to bed again to try and recover energy and feathers to fly to Wervik where we (‘Wer vik’ …stupid joke, sorry) will be playing a more intimate gig in t’Isermael at the more Crow-friendly time of 8.30 pm.

I forgot to say that for the first time we’re flying cello and guitar with us as well as fiddle and mando (which always came with us in our trips away). It will be some extra craic…there might be tunes in the plane….Oh, no, better not, Ryanair might make us pay 100 euro per tune, or is it a euro per note you play? Gosh, there are no cheap flights anymore…

Chat to you at the other end of this journey.



Still far away from finishing the new album, but you’ll all be happy when it’s out. It will be a cracker.
This month of March we have a couple of private functions, one of them with our beloved friend Oleg as Steve is very busy with The Waterboys new show, An Appointment with Mr. Yeats. From here we want to wish Steve, Mike and the rest of the band the best of luck with the shows.
Finally, letting you know we’re really looking forward to our trips to Belgium and Spain in May and hope to meet some of you guys over there.


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  1. Nick O 9.21.09 / 11pm

    Hi Felip, I moved to Dublin now and hope to see No Crows playing here. I love your music.

  2. Fabienne 9.25.09 / 3pm

    Great blog from an even greater band! No Crows deserves all the success they can get. The banners in the trainstations are there to promote No Crows…NOT to chase crows away! hahaha!!! LOL! (good one)
    Anna should really go one writing blogs, she’s very good at it.

    Fabienne… who can’t wait until she, finally, hears No Crows play on Radio2,(most popular National radiostation in Belgium!!!)
    0ctober 10th 2009.
    Program” en nu serieus” Breakfastshow between 8 and 10am

  3. felip 9.25.09 / 3pm

    @Nick O
    Hi Nick,

    Sligo is missing you already. The best of luck. We hope to make it to Dublin soon enough. We’ll keep you posted.


  4. felip 9.25.09 / 4pm

    Hi Fab,

    Glad to see you here in our new comment section of the site. Really looking forward to the breakfast show on Belgian National Radio on Sat Oct 10th…specially the soundcheck at 7 am!!! See you there.

    By the way for those of you mad early morning fans of the band, you can listen to the programme live from 8 to 10 am CET world wide on the net by logging on to


  5. fabienne 10.12.09 / 11am

    Hi Felip!
    You did find your guitar very well on Saturday morning and as usual: you were great!
    I LOVED the interview Luk Alloo did with you…funny too!
    The concert in Wervik was splendid, I realize again that No crows keeps getting better every time I see or hear them!

  6. Lieselot 10.13.09 / 4pm


    I allready heard of ‘no crows’ before, but never saw you guys playing live. I was at the Dranouter festival this year, but couldn’t get in the tent anymore, so missed the concert then. But Saterday I went to Wervik! It was a very late decision to come (I heard it on the radio…), but it was a good decision, because I really enjoyed the concert. I had a great evening! Thank you!
    Hope you guys are coming back to Belgium soon…

  7. fabienne 10.18.09 / 4pm

    Wonderful! Lieselot did a great job coming to Wervik!
    indien je me wilt contacteren Lieselot, go ahead!
    bedankt dat je erbij was!
    Beste groeten, neem gerust contact op:
    fabienne delecluyse
    051 72 55 22

  8. rik 10.20.09 / 8pm

    congratulations for the wonderful evening in Wervik! We just can’t wait to have No C rows here again.

  9. rik 10.21.09 / 10am

    The VZW CrowsNest belgium has been promissed a new gig in a CC in Belgium: nothing official yet, lets keep our fingers and toes crossed, more info later.

  10. fabienne delecluyse 11.21.09 / 10am

    Hi Felip!
    Tour short blog “Beatles revisited” is hilarious! I wish I had been among those students…must have been great fun and: NOW you see how your No Crows music appeals to everyone…. young , old and even youger and older!

  11. kwestan 2.6.10 / 3pm

    hii/ i love ur music, i saw u in my school in ursuline college sligo, u have a nice voice

  12. Jaume 5.12.10 / 5pm

    Hi friends, we meet next Saturday, the 15th in Petra

  13. philippa wyatt 10.28.19 / 10am

    Sitges Connexion – No Crows concert. What an absolutely amazing concert. Thank you so much for the sounds and the chance to stay up till 04.30 listening to AMAZING musicians.
    Exhausted but happy!

  14. eddie 10.31.19 / 10am

    haha you did it to yourself Philippa! Our pleasure entirely!

  15. toonfoush 1.9.22 / 6am

    hi there!

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